Nentir Vale

(From Wizards of the Coast, with edits by Matt)

This vale is in the northeastern quadrant of The Flanaess, between the Phostwood (which the Nentir Vale people call the Harken Forest) to the south and the Griff Mountains to the north.

Fallcrest lies near the middle of the broad borderland region known as the Nentir Vale. The vale, long since ravaged (see timeline), is now mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scattered over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps litter the countryside. Bandits, wild animals, and monsters roam freely throughout the vale, threatening anyone who fares more than few miles away from one of the surviving settlements. Travel along the roads or river is usually safe—usually. But every now and then, travelers come to bad ends between towns.

The Nentir Vale is a northern land, but it sees relatively little snow—winters are windy and bitterly cold. The Nentir River is too big to freeze except for a few weeks in the coldest part of the year. Summers are cool and mild.

Harken Forest

See the entry Harken Forest. Also see:


A collection of villages. See the entry Harkenwold.


A thriving dwarven town in the mountains.


On the eastern edge of the map, in the Dawnforge Mountains, a day’s march through the mountains east of Hammerfast. See the entry Rökholm.

Lake Nen

60 miles’ march north from Fallcrest to its scenic northwestern tip. It is speculated where its water comes from. There is likely a river flowing into it from the mountains visible to its north.

Nentir Vale

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