A long-dead artificer found in Daggerburg Keep.

This was his lab, and here he was trying to discover the secret of making “gold from the void”. With a kind of magic-infused alchemy he toiled here long ago, and died here while at work. By reading the papers the party realised that Michelevi used the magical power in the fluid to create equal numbers of gold and antigold.

As described in DM log— Daggerburg Keep 7.

DTIS’ note: Once Fenstrom had been killed, my thoughts were freed from seeking revenge. I realised that Michelevi was truly trying to improve civilisation, for gold is the food by which civilisation can grow, and labour is the water. I have never truly dabbled in alchemy, having only been taught one or two herbal poultices by Zumtleheath, but it is a hobby where my enjoyment has always outpaced my skill. I shall carry on his goals, and hope to improve the world by my studies. I also believe it may be possible to create


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