Purchasing items

  • Magic items can only be purchased in-game, by consulting me
    • “Common” magic items are the only ones you’ll find in town shops
    • Uncommon and rare magic items are only found in loot— tell the DM your “wish list” for the kinds of items and powers you hope to get, or even specific items
    • A town has to be a certain level to have that level of item

Selling items

  • Magic items can be sold:
    • Common magic items can be sold for 20% value
    • Uncommon items can be sold for 50%
    • Rare items can be sold for 100% or more
  • A bit of research effort (usually Diplomacy or Streetwise) can find better prices for items
  • Nonmagical equipment from humanoid monsters generally can’t be sold. Stinky! Haunted! Bloody!


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