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DM log-- lizardman battle

These combat logs are easy to write, since I know the players will do a much better job! I will just nail down the facts and share a few of my personally favourite moments.

The date is still 24 Patchwall {see timeline}. The assault on the lizardman camp continues…

{Kat was unable to come, was sick. Get well soon! Fortunately, we had a new observer who we drafted into playing Stek. To explain this frequent swapping between Kat and Stek, I am making the following our official fiction.}

As has been her wont during this adventure, Kat passed out and Stek jumped off her back. As you will recall, as has always been the case, the elven Kat and the dwarven Stek were long ago united by a commandment each dreamed was given to them by Kord. “Unite the elven and dwarven races, and fight as one!” commanded Kord, and on the next morning Kat and Stek woke with a powerful geas. They met at a crossroads in the eastern part of Nentir Vale, Kat wandering east from her native Harken Forest and Stek coming west from the foothills near Hammerfast. Consumed by a racial hatred fanned to a forging flame by Kord, they ran at each other full tilt, banged heads, and both fell unconscious. When Kat awoke, Stek was clinging to her back, still unconscious. The idea of removing him (perhaps by scraping him against a tree) filled her with a strange nausea and the feeling that Kord was frowning at her. So she wandered back to her village to explain her strange malady. Just as she babbled out her explanation to her skeptical fellow elves, who already regarded Kat as a black sheep due to her Kord worship and freakishly powerful constitution, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she crumpled to the ground. Stek’s eyes immediately opened and he clambered off Kat’s back. Thus followed a heated conversation which is recorded not in this brief journal. In the height of this discussion, Stek felt a sudden urge to go back to Kat and grab her shoulders. Once he did, he went unconscious, with an unshakeably strong grip on the elf. At that moment Kat again awoke.

Thus was started a strange coexistence that both elves and dwarves find repulsive but fascinating, with many theories as to what it portends. These two heroes seem to have but one consciousness to share between them. Either Kat is awake, with a comatose Stek clinging to her back, or Stek is awake while Kat lies in a slumber of endless depth. They have never spoken to one another. And there you have a perfectly plausible explanation for everything that has ever been related on this subject.

Back to the story! Zepher lit a light to see that he shared the pit with an ochre jelly. He scrambled out of the pit once the jelly missed with its mightly slam attack, and the jelly followed to create a wandering, slimy hazard. The soldiers got stuck in with Bastian, Jorn, and Stek (who stood over the recently collapsed Kat) while Theren soon ended up in a fierce firefight with needlers, all crawling around in the dark bushes like so many guerilla soldiers. Much shall be sung of this epic battle, most particularly of Amos being pulled into the pit by the trapper, the jelly being pulled on top of him, and Stek, recently knocked onto his belly by the whipping tail of a lizardman, heroically barrel-rolling himself into the pit, landing axe first onto the jelly. Soon all were dead except the trapper, whose life was spared by Theren, out of respect for his magnificent headdress, which Theren removed from the helpless, bewildered lizardman with an artful flourish.

{From this fight, the party shared XP so that each member gains 150 XP.}

The battle over, the party explored the cave the trapper lived in. There they found precise stacks of gold coins arranged carefully along ley lines, similar to how Vilma’s silver coins had been arranged. Bastian knew very well {with a natural 20; remind me of this if Bastian ever does another skill check on this subject} through his bardic travels that the so-called “curse” created by these coins was hookum, and the party gleefully plundered them. Also in evidence were several iguanas, one of which was forcibly turned into a pet by Theren, and several more half-iguanas, which were less lively. In a corner were found a pile of apparently human, apparently gnawed on, bones.

The iguana was acting oddly, trying to get into Theren’s pack. Once let in, it started munching on something, which they soon discovered was a little doll, shaped like a bear, made of thin bones, sinews, and feathers. Jorn realised this was similar to Vilma’s dolls, and he made a connection to some of his deepest religious understanding {rolling a 20}. He realised this used primal energy to attract bears to it, and furthermore, he grokked the concept well enough to be able to make them himself, if he had the right materials. {The 20 earned him a ritual which allows him to make such a doll, with residuum and the appropriate materials. Vilma’s hut will reveal the nature of these materials, and this ritual.} Theren, thinking of more immediate goals, tossed the doll into the river. Soon the dire bear’s roars started moving farther and farther away downstream.

The next problem was stopping Amos from running after Concorde in his badly weakened state. {He had no healing surges, so was only brought from a dying state to 1HP by any healing.} With heroic, if reckless, devotion, he kept trying to run out to find his steed, and Zepher kept felling him with a cloud of daggers. Eventually he resigned himself to a night’s rest.

And rest they did, with no event except the “pet” iguana escaping and being caught by Bastian, whose scarred skin endured some of the many scratches previously bestowed by this “pet” on Theren.

The next morning, it was 25 Patchwall. {See timeline.} Amos greeted the day by running out in search of Concorde. After skillful tracking {with a natural 20, which will give a +2 to all following attempts to track Concorde} they found and followed a trail of bear and horse tracks, then just horse tracks and blood. They quickly found the horse, cold and still, half propped against a tree. He was dead… or so it seemed. On examination, they found that somehow he was holding onto glimmers of life. The sinew that had been feeding him necrotic energy had been torn loose by the bear claws, as had been large trenches of flesh. The party decided not to poke the sinew back behind the horse’s bleeding ear, deciding once and for all they wanted not a were-equine but a living, normal horse. After a healing spell, {leaving the horse no more healing surges until an extended rest} Concorde is once again loping along, having given Amos a tender loving nuzzle which brought tears to every eye.

The party now heads north, following the river, intending to keep going until they find the King’s Road, then east to Harkenwold. They will arrive a full two days after Fenstrom threatened to go there, so who knows what they will find…


This was epic. Loved the explanation of Kat Kent and her foul-mouthed alter ego Stek. :D
I can only guess that the conversation he had with the elves would have blistered the air, and taught Bastian a thing or two about Vicious Mockery that would open his orbs wide and his pointed ears to burn.

Loved the quip about the iguanas as well. :)

Thanks for putting that timeline up, by the way. Definitely a big help.

DM log-- lizardman battle

Glad you liked it! :) There is so much more in that battle which was amusing, too. Stek had quite a good run there, hacking big slices of jelly and staying up despite being whapped in the knees with a giant lizard tail.

The timeline is super useful for me as well! It’s meshed with another campaign I am running, so the crossover effects may be fun to see… or a horrible tangle…

DM log-- lizardman battle

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