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DM log-- Gloomwrought 3

The party awoke in the Three Crowns in Gloomwrought. Without sun or timepieces, it was hard to tell how much time had passed. {As such, the timeline cannot be updated.}

When they came down, the Crimson Sashes were arguing with a scowling, formidable-looking human woman in leather armor, bearing two gleaming shortswords. She had long, dark hair, quick eyes, and the backs of her hands and bits of her forearms visible through the bracers were covered with scars and tattoos. This was Zora, their contact for the job the party had accepted at The Murky Hole. Apparently she and the Sashes had a bit of history, and the Sashes made it very clear that if the party wanted to go on a little “job run” with Zora, their guarding duties would consist of staying at the Three Crowns to guard their things, and not to wander around the city with a “known terrorist”, as they called Zora.

Over breakfast, the task was laid out impatiently by Zora. She worked for “an organisation that gets things done for people”, and had been tasked with tracking down a thief. A prominent house of dwarves, called House Treyvan, had taken in a newcomer from the natural world—a tiefling named X {I need to fill this in later as I don’t have the materials with me.} X had been entrusted with some security duties for the House, but betrayed them, stealing a lot of gold and fine equipment of a magical nature. It was Zora’s job, and now the party’s, to track down X and return him dead or alive, with everything he has. The party would get a generous share. Zora and her operatives wanted to subcontract this one out because X revealed that he had apparently quite a bit of arcane power, a department in which her organisation was not strong. Also, X having come from the natural world, our new, fresh, happy heroes might have a better time gathering information than well-known, well-worn longtime denizens of the city.

The party followed Zora, who showed a remarkable sense for how to move unseen through the constantly shifting alleys of the city. It was a time of day when the eyes came out—it turned out that the mortar joining together the stones and statues of the city was made of the same sluglike material used in Amos’ helm and the Mugwump {this fact thanks to Scott spending a couple Plot Points}. They ended up in a part of town called the Dust Quarter, old and rich. By Zora’s direction they introduced themselves at House Treyvan and got some fake letters of passage to help them pretend they were gathering donations for a party with a theme “The Natural World”, allowing them to gather clues about where X may have gone. Also, Brad found a cure for his rash in the cream filling of some popular biscuits; Amos and Pickin ate a psychoactive mushroom {Give 1 Plot Point to Amos for the substantial disadvantages this gave him}; and DTIS regaled the party with stories he recalled about Fellwroth Ruin, which was just across the street.

Passes in hand, they went to a plaza containing a statue knows as the Dark Lady, surrounded by cold water and which changes its expression if people nearby tell lies. They gathered information there, largely by Brad who got a kiss (and a peacock feather) from a weird old man, who led him to a group of street punks. There he learned that X was associated with a shady character named Ferrens in a part of town called the Fettered Ward.

They went into a place called Carradh Keep, full of grim soldiers. There, a sit-ups competition went badly and they caught the attention of the Deathless Watch. {This was all part of a Skill Challenge in which failure got increased attention from the Watch as they drew attention to themselves as fake “party planners”. Give 1 Plot Point to Zepher for pursuing a bold, reckless action in character which I can’t remember but have in my notes. Give 1 Plot Point to Theren for effectively role-playing the “jealous” trait that he got on his Despair Card, to the disadvantage of himself and the group.}

They reached the Harskel Acropolis, like a small city unto itself behind a wall and gates. Bustling with traders coming from the nearby harbor, there were plenty of people to talk to. Theren snuck around to listen to conversations, aided by the distracting antics of DTIS. Some tries went wrong, and got the attention of the Watch. An attempt to intimidate a serving girl named Dorothy, which involved glue and a multi-purpose room, also went wrong. But they found another hapless servant to terrify into giving up that she helped give X access to the stuff he stole, since X had charmed her into believing that someone in the Fettered Ward needed to assess the items. And by searching the area near where she had last seen X, they found a handkerchief behind some crates which looked like they had been positioned to allow escape over the wall. The handkerchief belonged to a “K.H.” and gave them confidence that they were ready to go to the Fettered Ward to try to find X, Ferrens, and this K. H.

{This was a very hard Skill Challenge and the party did very well, using every advantage and great imagination to get past a number of difficult checks. This passed the first phase of this multi-phase challenge. Give 300 XP to each party member for adventuring and skill challenge success.}



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