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DM log-- Fallcrest 3-4

The mob outside Sandercot Provisioners welcomed the newly exonerated town guards and started excitedly planning with them about a raid on Hightown—something the heroes agreed was the next step to take. But then a new force came on the scene. In a column of impressive fighters plus Trabek, two wizards, and a cleric, a palanquin was borne by two beautiful women in dresses. {Give 1 Plot Point to Bastian for remembering that Trabek can summon his armour.} Out of the palanquin stepped Nimozeran, the septarch of Fallcrest, charged with its magical defence. The people were excited: apparently he was a popular figure, though not often seen in the streets. Some in the party knew quite a lot about Nimozeran {which the players can record on his wiki page} but in short, though he was an underling of Lord Warden Farren Markelhay, he had independent power in his own right, and lately had been increasingly outspoken about the eladrin elite’s takeover of Fallcrest. The revolution leaders in particular saw him as a powerful potential ally.

Nimozeran hailed the heroes as saviours of Fallcrest, and then introduced his companion from the palanquin: Azrea, shockingly eladrin, but extraordinarily beautiful. To answer the crowd’s rising anger about this, Nimozeran demonstrated Azrea’s total compliance: on his command she knelt, then lay prostrate on the stage. She did this with a blissfully happy and placid smile on her face, apparently very content to follow these commands. The crowd returned to wonder, but Zepher found this objectionable, because with keen eyes they saw that Azrea had a tight collar, disguised as jewellery, but in fact much like Lilliana had. {Give 1 Plot Point each to Scott and Callum for remembering the connection between this collar, Lilliana’s collar, and the way that Trabek recognized the freezing female slave in the red mirror.} Zepher saw this as slavery and objected loudly to this form of subjugation. Nimozeran stopped cold as the crowd murmured, and fiercely whispered to Zepher a warning that this was a chance to unify the crowd against the elites in Hightown. He assured Zepher that Azrea was no slave; she sincerely wished to serve his command. The rest of the heroes convinced Zepher to cease his objection, because though they conceded Nimozeran may be doing something objectionable with Azrea, he was a useful force to harness to overthrow Hightown for the greater good, and could be dealt with later.

Nimozeran’s speech continued as he glossed over the disagreement with Zepher, again praising him and the heroes as saviours, albeit overstressed from recent events. He knelt and offered fealty to our heroes, and so did his retinue. This was accepted, and then Nimozeran went on to rally the crowd against Hightown by progressively whipping up their hatred of the eladrin, whose infiltration of Hightown society in recent years was coincident with the raising of taxes, the increase in decadence, and the withdrawal of Farren Markelhay from the common people. Zepher again objected to this racial vilification, and though the other heroes conceded this was pretty bad, again the wise course was to let him go for now, and they would attack Nimozeran later after he had served the purpose of uniting the revolution. While the heroes argued in fierce whispers on one end of the stage, Nimozeran continued with his rant—something about just as he and the townspeople swore fealty to the heroes, the eladrin should show fealty to the townspeople, and these confused, foreign creatures would be happiest and most placid when, like Azrea, they gave themselves over utterly to the command of the true citizens of Fallcrest. To make a vivid point of this, he bid Azrea prostrate herself again, which she did happily, and he placed his foot on her neck. The crowd went wild. Zepher turned and saw this, and it was the last straw. He loudly declared to the people that this was wrong, it was slavery. Nimozeran was astonished and asked Azrea, are you a slave? For the first time she spoke and it was like music: “No, master, I am happy to serve you.” This did not make Zepher feel better. Also he objected to the racial aspect of Nimozeran’s speech, wondering, who is next after the eladrin? Will he come after halflings next? Elves? Dwarves? The heroes were still divided about this outburst but the die was now cast, and more of them now felt that Nimozeran had gone too far. Jayne added to the screed, and now the crowd was divided in its loyalties, with arguments and shoving matches breaking out in the mob. {Zepher, Jayne, and later Bastian made extraordinarily high Diplomacy rolls in this scene, boosted with bonuses from excellent speechmaking and use of good reasoning to convince the crowd.} Bastian, who up till now was lurking in a cloak unrevealed, jumped up on stage throwing back his hood to reveal his scarred eladrin features—and his keen ears heard a few gasp, “the scarred eladrin!” and the name “Jorn” (this being in relation to the accusation of Immil’s murder). Bastian declared he was one of those who freed Fallcrest, and that he would not stand for this vilification of his race. With all this, the crowd swung mostly to the side of the heroes, and the smaller mob that supported Nimozeran had retreated to the palanquin, which by now was being marched away from the wagon the heroes were standing on. Nimozeran was standing on the palanquin, with Azrea, and continuing his screed against the Eladrin and Hightown, whipping his supporters into a frenzy. Suddenly the palanquin and the mob moved purposefully, led by Dale who had a raised fist, and some in the mob were picking up paving stones from the street (much to Jaine’s disapproval). A quick assessment of the situation {with Streetwise} made the heroes certain that the mob was headed toward a nearby street noted for its eladrin-owned shops. Bidding their own mob follow them but not fight, the heroes pressed through the crowded streets to follow Dale’s mob.

Soon they arrived at the street. The palanquin had moved ahead of Dale’s mob and soon left the scene. Dale, two other town guards, and about a dozen angry townspeople remained behind. The street had several shops, all of them eladrin owned. It was still in business because traders from the south often got good bargains here on eladrin-made fine art, not having been taxed yet by the passage to Hightown. It also lately catered to slumming eladrin elites who toured Lowtown for a taste of excitement—from these shops they bought, as souvenirs, twee little models of human shops and farms, done in an eladrin style, inlaid with silver and gold, to make saccharine pastoral scenes. These shops had large picture windows to show off the goods within. The mob was pounding on the glass with fists and shoulders, and one of them had already cracked. They were starting to raise paving stones and some were getting hold of other things for the assault; they eventually used a piece of a wheelbarrow and a crowbar. The guards used the butts of their weapons to greater effect, but stopped their assault to engage with our heroes in the street. A large crowd had followed from the inn, nearly all of them opposed to Nimozeran and the anti-eladrin raid. The heroes told the crowd to stay back, but some of the more enthusiastic ones ignored this directive and rushed ahead, grappling members of the opposing mob. In the fracas, a guard killed one of them. The guards and Dale were no match for the Shadowfell-hardened adventurers, but in the time it took to knock the guards out, some of the mob had broken into a few of the shops. A woman was sweeping shelf-fulls of little eladrin sculptures into a pouch made from lifting her dress, but was knocked out before making off with them. Another woman confronted a terrified eladrin shopkeeper, screaming, “Kneel! Kneel!” but was incapacitated before any harm could come of it. In a third shop, a tavern with a fey theme, two men had broken through. From the back of the shop, a burst of light blinded one and froze him in place: one of the eladrin guards who had slinked away from Sandercot had come here to defend his kin. Enraged, the other man raised a heavy cooking pot over the head of the eladrin proprietor, who was cowering at his feet. Just before the pot came smashing down, the heroes blasted him into unconsciousness. In the end, nothing was stolen and no eladrin were killed by the angry mob who sympathized with Nimozeran. However, the townsperson killed by the guard was taken up by the angry crowd, who bayed for revenge.

Nimozeran, Trabek, Azrea, their several guards, and the others in the retinue were far down the street, but moving slowly enough to be caught. Someone with deep knowledge of Nimozeran and the [[Septarch’s Tower]] recalled that in times of strife, a secret “arcane elevator” was used to travel up and down from the top of the tower to the base, which stood in the eastern part of Lowtown. However, this was no good way to sneak in: it was only activated as needed, and made you rise up from the ground in plain sight. The group know that Nimozeran is now their enemy, and his force will only be greater in his tower. The time to engage him is now, in the street…

{For general adventuring and a successful fight, give 350XP to each in the group.}



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