Woodsinger Clan

Matt says: an Elven clan in Harken Forest. They are the origin of Kat Rosie (link to be added).

The Woodsinger Clan are proud elves that ride on the back of pure white horses. They rarely intercede in the affairs of other races, and find the notion distasteful. Little is known about this clan for just that reason – when (and if) they do show up, they rarely speak more than they have to, and are even less likely to reveal the nuances of their culture.

At one time they shared Harken Forest with a slightly smaller tribe – the Meadowrunner Clan – however after a prolonged campaign against goblins the Meadowrunners were forced to retreat into the depths of the woods where they could nurse the wounds the war had given them, and mourn the loss of their youngest generation.

The Woodsinger Clan harbours a long standing hatred for the Meadowrunners, both for their worship of Kord, and for their relatively extroverted ways. The Woodsingers tend to view Meadowrunners as loud, bossy, obnoxious, overbearing and full of themselves.

Woodsinger Clan

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