Theren’s Notes:
- He is somehow involved in The Accusation and knew that Jorn had been accused before anyone else could hear it
- Farallax believed Trabek owed him something, but was betrayed
- He seems to hate dragons, especially Farallax, Szartharax, and their father Axvol
- Has some attachment to Lilliana
- Came to Twisting Halls to take 3 portal scrolls that open up to Keep on the Chaos Scar
- Requested from Jorn Immil’s Skull which he considered valuable
- Offered Amos the Lucky as an incentive to come to Fallcrest’s Arcane Tower

Jorn’s Notes:
A pretty cool dude. He is a powerful Grey Dwarf with an excellent sense of humour; albeit a somewhat contemptuous one. He owns a magical elven sword, summoning armour that appears to be activated by his red sash and sword, and an excellent beard that fires poisonous quills. He also appears to be a member of a ‘powerful group’ that worship Order.

Zepher’s Notes:
A pretentious, arrogant and very unusual looking dwarf who thinks a few hearty laughs gives him the right to take our treasure. He appears to be attempting to gain our allegiance (and very poorly at that), and has provided us with information on a variety of things, though I still do not trust him. Unfortunately he seems to be very powerful and angering him too much may not be in our best interests just yet.

Bastian’s Notes:
A churlish and egotistical helldwarf, who seems to like nothing better than his own strength and wit. Were he not so powerful I would have nothing to do with him, but he seems intent on sinking his barbs into the party. He bearst the Torog mark for ‘Traitor’ on his cheek, but that is small redemption.


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