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Year 300’s

This is when the families of Nen, Abanfyl, and Cavendor struggled for power in Nentir Vale and beyond.

320ish: Orcus worshippers opened the rift to the Shadowfell. Nerath’s soldiers closed it and built over it the Keep on the Shadowfell, aka Daggerburg Keep.

Year 400’s

400ish: Sir Keegan named commander of Daggerburg Keep. Soon he went mad and killed his family there.

410ish: Nerathi King Elidyr died, precipitating the fall of the Nerath Empire.

Year 500’s

510ish: The Bloodspear War began as orcs from the Stonemarch swept across the Nentir Vale. Fallcrest and other towns were razed.

Year 598

20 Patchwall: The party first forms in Harkenwold. Moosook kills Ercullum. Fenstrom escapes.

21 Patchwall: The party awakens in Harkenwold. Follow Moosook into the forest. Drink Vilma tea.

22 Patchwall: The party awakens in Vilma’s hut. They go to Twisting Halls and attack several rooms. Vilma set free. Lilliana seen in the Red Mirror, prone.

23 Patchwall: The party awakens in the guard room outside Malareth’s as yet unexplored lab. Malareth killed. Fenstrom appears and vows to go to Harkenwold. Jorn discovered frozen and taken to Immil.

24 Patchwall: The party awakens in Twisting Halls. Zepher was being held close by Farallax. Farallax killed. Party meets Trabek. Party sees Lilliana in the Red Mirror again. Takes off through forest towards Harkenwold. See DM log— back to Harkenwold. Passes perils and fights at the lizardman camp. See DM log— lizardman battle.

25 Patchwall: The party awakens in the lizardman camp. Find Concorde. Travel to Harkenwold. There fight skeletons and zombies raised by Fenstrom. Go down road towards Cavendor Town. Find and solve tower puzzle with Lev.

26 Patchwall: The party awakens near the tower puzzle with Lev in camp. They enter Daggerburg Keep (aka the Keep on the Shadowfell). Fight and adventure down to a crypt, bested by a gelatinous cube and other enemies. Return to the first room in the Keep and sleep there.

27 Patchwall: The party awakens in the first room of the Keep. Return to the crypt and get past it. Trailed Lev to a ghoul den. Took the wounded Lev out, then came back to the Keep. Discovered the lab of Michelevi. Fought worshippers in a sacrificial temple. Fought and killed Fenstrom. Came back to the surface. Went east. Camped.

28 Patchwall: The party wakens near the road to Cavendor Town. Head north across the White River by ferry, then west along King’s Road. Camped.

1 Ready’reat: The party wakens near King’s Road, near Moon Hills. Head west through the hills to the Nentir River. Went north through the Fallcrest southern slums then sewers to see The Basement then Blue Moon Alehouse.

2 Ready’reat: The party wakens in Fallcrest, in a grubby inn. Bastian awoke in the bushes outside Hightown. Various members went to the House of the Sun (where they deposited the remains of Zumtleheath and Ercullum), Talltree House (where Bastian was recruited as an assassin by Lady Talltree, to return at 4 Ready’reat to do the job), and Nentir Temple, where Stoica set them on the Moon Hills feud quest. They all paid and stayed overnight at the Silver Unicorn Inn except Amos, who stayed with Lev at the Blue Moon Alehouse.

3 Ready’reat: The party awakens in Fallcrest, at the Silver Unicorn Inn and Blue Moon Alehouse. Went to Septarch’s Tower where Amos got The Lucky and met Trabek again. Zepher started a fight with Trabek which resulted in a falling out with only Theren staying in good graces by answering questions about Jorn. Party set off to settle the Moon Hills feud and arrived at the mine in the afternoon. Some of the party go into the mine, encounter bizarre humans there, and nearly die. They spend the night in the two houses.

4 Ready’reat: The party awakens in the Moon Hills at the farm. They reconciled the families. They cleared out the mine. They found Emmeline’s necklace and the gnoll’s shard. They found and absconded with Scotty Macduff, and were chased out of the valley by the Macduffs. They slept on the road to Fallcrest.

5 Ready’reat: The party awoke on the road to Fallcrest and soon went to town. They checked in with Lev at the Blue Moon Alehouse and blackmailed Senior Durden at the House of the Sun. They executed the assassination plot in Jade House at direction of Talltree House. They warned Lady Jade of the plot and smuggled her out. They confronted Lev about the theft by Ruby. They slept in the Blue Moon Alehouse.

6 Ready’reat: The party awoke in the Blue Moon Alehouse. Zepher met Darrin and Lilliana. They were suddenly roused to rescue Amos. They fought gnolls and demons in the forest. They slept there.

7 Ready’reat: The party awoke in the forest. They went back to Fallcrest and tied up loose ends, including showing Lady Jade’s body to Talltree and getting back Ercullum and Zumtleheath.

The party spent four days doing various tasks while DTIS went to Harkenwold and back.

11 Ready’reat: The party went to Daggerburg Keep and then into the Shadowfell.

Unknown: The party spent time in the Shadowfell, where the calendar has no meaning. There they investigated a theft for Harken but failed. They were captured by the Deathless Watch and were seemingly lured to a tomb in which Malik was being held. They escaped to the sea, were captured by the Blanche-Nef, and crashed back into Fallcrest, having crossed again into the natural world.

14 Sunsebb: About 30 days after leaving Fallcrest, the party crashed back into it on the night of this day, discovering that a great raising of the taxes, even greater decadence by the eladrin of Hightown, and a series of gruesome murders (see Fallcrest murders) in Lowtown had brought the town to the brink of revolt. The revolt was triggered by the arrival of the heroes, and passage from Low to Hightown was severed. The heroes tried to defuse a hostage situation by investigating the murders, heading to the Drake’s Tail Inn to investigate a recent massacre. There they fought strangely affected town guards and briefly confronted The Cannibal. They slept in the Docks area of Lowtown.

15 Sunsebb: The party woke in Fallcrest Lowtown. The investigated the murders at the Drake’s Tail Inn, presented it to the crowd at Sandercot Provisioners, and got into a political duel with Nimozeran.


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