Jorn says: Also known as the ‘Upper City’ by my people, who live in The Basement. It is the source of torches, oil for burning and the occasional barrel of ale.

DTIS: The city in which I was created, ensnared, and freed from. It is the bastion of civilisation, though in recent years even Fallcrest has been losing its way, choosing not to honour Erathis, the god of civilisation, but to honour the hedonistic joys of a temporary life.

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A small town built from the ruins of a larger city, Fallcrest is the crossroads of the Nentir Vale.

Population: A bit over a thousand; maybe another thousand or so live in the countryside within a few miles of the town. The people of Fallcrest are varied, especially by class. The poor are mostly a mix of halflings and humans. The working and middle class are humans, halflings, and dwarves, with some elves running trade. The upper class are humans and eladrin— though the upper class eladrin are rarely encountered by those neither in their social circles, nor who are permitted to penetrate the upper town, which is barred by (well-paid) guards. Common through traffic is kept at the outside edge of the Upper Town by a well-guarded wall.

Note: the buildings are not to scale. For every building shown, there are a few lesser structures around it, not shown on this map.

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2 Upper Quays Boats proceeding down the Nentir must stop here and offload their cargo, which is then portaged through the town to boats waiting on the Lower Quays.
3 Five-Arch Bridge A fine stone bridge built by the Dwarves of Hammerfast over 200 years ago, it was destroyed when Fellcrest fell and was only recently rebuilt. A small toll house guards the western side.
5 Knight’s Gate The gate consists of strong outer doors of iron-reinforced timber and an inner portcullis between a pair of small stone towers. The portcullis is normally lowered at sunset and the gates are only closed in times of danger.
6 Silver Unicorn Inn
8 Moonstone Keep The seat of the Lord Warden. Moonstone Keep is an old castle that sits atop a steep-sided hill overlooking the town.
10 House of the Sun Pelor temple. Also includes shrines to Bahamut and Kord.
12 Nentir Falls Here the Nentir River descends roughly 200 feet in three striking shelflike drops.
13 Nentir Temple Large, impressive stone temple with a large rotunda dome. Largest and most influential temple in town. Also includes shrines to Ioun and Moradin.
18 Wizard’s Gate Eastern city gate – similar in construction to Knight’s Gate.
22 Septarch’s Tower
23 Blue Moon Alehouse This brewhouse on the banks of the Moonwash Stream is the best tavern in town. Popular with halfling traders.
25 King’s Gate Fallcrest’s southern gate was destroyed years ago and has yet to be fully rebuilt. The two paired towers still lie in rubble and several large gaps in the city wall still exist.
27 Sandercot Provisioners Largest general store in Fallcrest. Has just about every mundane good you could wish for. Site of occupation by town guards left behind when the Great Stairway was destroyed.
28 Lucky Gnome Taphouse and Drake’s Tail Inn Cheapest and coarsest of fallcrest’s drinking establishments. Cater to porters and dock laborers.
29 Lower Quays Similar to the Upper Quays. The ferry here is cheap but unreliable, due to the rushing water.

Southward: slums along the east bank, outside the protection of the walls

(Images shamelessly stolen from the outstanding work of Crazyred)


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