Theren Says: Concorde is a horse, found and tamed by the group in The Twisting Halls. He has lived a rich horsey life, and has already passed through the hands of many an owner. One of his owners was the not-very-famous highway brigand Dennis Moore, who is notable only for his rather unhealthy obsession with a peculiar type of flower of the family Fabaceae (and a chaotic good alignment) { Theren has decided this based on the strength of a picture in his children’s nursery rhyme book. It is doubtful that there was ever such a person as Dennis Moore in real life, or indeed that Concorde was ever his steed. }

Concorde’s current owner is the ‘boss’ of the Twisting Halls goblin group. Concorde is wearing a bridle magic’d for protection of some sort. Zepher and Theren have taken a strong liking to Concord, but the horse has taken a strong liking to Swiftblade { who has a +1 for any checks relating to the horse in the future, for rolling a natural 20 trying to calm Concorde }.

Concorde the scholarly horse

This is Concorde, horse to the famous Dennis Moore. The picture here is of Concorde in his middle years – although he looks much older. He has often said that being the equine side-kick of D.M. aged him prematurely. In this picture you can see that his mane-line was receeding. This was drawn roughly three years before his eventual capture by authorities when he got into a drunken brawl with a donkey (who was making an ass of himself at the time, to be fair). Luckily, there was a team of adventurers who needed Concorde’s help, so instead of being put to death, he worked off his time by assisting them in their quests.

Eventually, after several very successful years of adventuring Concorde settled down, and bought a little pasture of his own. It is rumoured that he hid his stash of the treasure somewhere in that pasture, but the whereabouts of that lustrous grassy plain have never been discovered. Other than that, Concorde went on to write many scholarly books on the properties of moss and lichen, although he will always be best remembered for his wild, and unlawful youth.

This picture is on a page taken from Theren’s Children’s book of nursery rhymes.


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