Tag: Harkenwold


  • Fenstrom

    Matt says: The wizard who came to [[Harkenwold]] with [[Moosook]]. Fled and has been traced to [[Daggerburg Keep]].

  • Harkenwold

    Half a dozen small villages lie along the upper vales of the White River. Together, they make up the Barony of Harkenwold—a tiny realm whose total population is not much greater than [[Fallcrest]]’s. The people of Harkenwold are farmers, woodcutters, and …

  • Baron Stockmer

    Ruler of [[Harkenwold]], an elderly man who was known for his strong sword arm in his youth. He is a just and compassionate ruler. Was there at the attempted raid by [[Moosook]]. Party rescued him-- see [[DM log-- back to Harkenwold 3]]