Tag: Deity


  • Pelor

    Theren's Note: *Pelor:* Deity *Flavour:* Good God of light, agriculture, life... and general do-goodery. His followers seem optimistic to a fault, as though they honestly believe human nature to be naturally good. One specific denomination of Pelor is …

  • Bahamut

    Theren's Note: *Bahamut*: Deity *Flavour:* Good Some sort of power/wisdom type god. Was worshipped as a primary god for the minotaurs in the Twisting Halls before they fell to evil practices.

  • Erathis

    Theren's Note: *Erathis*: Deity *Flavour:* Unaligned Goddess of Civilisation, law (laws, laws everywhere), and cooperation in general. Belief in the good of the whole as opposed to the individual. In the Twisting Halls Theren and Zephyr meditated at …

  • Moradin

    Theren's Note: *Moradin:* Deity *Flavour:* Dwarven... Moradin is some sort of Dwarven god... I don't know ask Yawn. He's some sort of smithy-crafty-brawny fellow. Likes craft work and legacies.

  • Baphomet

    Theren's Note: *Baphomet:* Demon Prince/Deity??? *Flavour:* Evil He was a bad guy who offered power to the Minotaurs but not much more. His corruption tainted their temple and caused their more benevolent gods to forsake them.

  • Torog

    An evil god of imprisonment, torture, and slavery. More to be filled in by players from memory of what was said about him, and research.