Bastian's Cowl

Hides the face.


While well-made and pretty, it’s just cloth. No special stats here.


This cowl covers the shoulders and head, with long panels that cascade to the waist at front and back, and is made to be worn over leather armour. It particularly obscures the face from view.

Dyed a deep blue, it has a silver-embroidered rose on the back, radiating thorny vines that curl around the rest of the cowl.

Made for long months on the road, the cowl is well-made and sturdy, rather than being of particularly fine material. The silver is coloured thread, rather than precious metal.

Bastian s cowl

Author’s Note: Yes, I know that my artistic skills are negligible, it’s crooked and messy and unfocused and doesn’t even cover the face. My skills lie elsewhere. Nevertheless, this is a rough approximation of what is in my mind.

Bastian's Cowl

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