Half-Elf, Wizard


Zepher was born in the city of Fallcrest and is the Half-Elf son of his Human father and Elven mother. Zepher’s father was a Wizard for-hire who offered his magical services to almost anyone who needed them, as long as the right coin was on offer. Zepher also studied as an apprentice under his father, slowly learning the ways of magic and offering his father assistance when he could grant it. This resulted in Zepher learning a wide range of magical skills from fighting, creating distractions, protecting information from unwanted listeners and in one unusual case putting a noble suffering from insomnia to sleep through the use of magic. Zepher was raised primarily by his father as his mother disappeared shortly after his birth for reasons initially unknown to the boy. He has no memory of her and any questions surrounding her and her absence were always met with silence or a brief dismissal by his father. His father’s work with spies and nobles alike has also resulted in Zepher gaining a very strong understanding of the politics of the Nentir Vale.One particular contract they aquired required Zepher and his father to escort and protect a trader’s caravan from one point to another. Unfortunately the caravan was ambushed by Goblins and while Zepher and his father fought them off as best they could they were eventually overcome. In a final act of desperation Zepher’s father cast a spell to teleport his son away from the battle. Just as his father finished the spell Zepher witnessed him being jabbed through the heart with a pike, little under a second latter Zepher found himself standing alone in the centre of the village known as Harkenwold. Distraught he immediately set out in search of his father’s body in the hopes that he might find someone able to return him from the dead. It took many days before he was able to locate the body and then a week more before he found a healer capable of reviving the dead. The healer informed him that the body had been rotting for but a few days too many and there was nothing he could do for him. When Zepher asked if there was anything he could have done to save his father the healer regretfully told him of the Gentle Repose ritual, which would have kept the body in a condition suitable for ressurection for a greater amount of time. After spending some time in mourning Zepher learnt this ritual for himself. He spent the next two years of his life travelling with a group of performers, offering simple magical services in exchange for coin to those who came to watch the various acts. While travelling with the performers he befriended a set of human twins, Simon, a fellow Wizard who created amazing spectacles using his powers and Tulip his Warlock sister who served as a protector for the caravan. During their travels Zepher became very close to Simon, who strong sympathised with Zepher’s loss and often cheered him up by making fools of the other performers through his mischievous use of magic. Simon also had a strange obsession with orbs, both magical and not, and after offering Zepher one of his own taught him how to master the implement. Zepher also learnt to use the Warlock spell Eyebite, though with great difficulty, from Tulip. She personally using the spell to make herself invisible to her brother before giving him a good whack over the head, much to the amusement of the rest of the performers. Eventually the group arrived in Harkenwold to perform in the festival occurring there. Returning to the village put Zepher in a foul mood and Simon instructed him to go watch the Arena battle. So to avoid becoming the subject of Simon’s tricks, Zepher obliged. There he met the rest of the party and together they fought off a group of goblins who invaded the arena and the village. He made their leader surrender at the request of the rest of the party through his knowledge of one of the clans secretes. This was initially only in the hope of torturing the goblin but things changed when the wizard “Stormy” , whose real name was apparently Fenstrom, yelled out Zepher’s name after being attacked while escaping the arena. Curiosity raised, Zepher now intends to go through with the parties plan in hopes of further goblin killing and discovering who Fenstrom is.

Update 1: At the age of 18 after having finally accepted his fathers fate (at least to a degree) Zepher brought his corpse to Fallcrest. There he used the majority of his remaining gold to hold a burial ceremony, gathering as many of his fathers friends and associates as he could. Shortly after the ceremoiny one of his father’s closest friends gave Zepher a letter which the he had been asked to give to Zepher on behalf of his father should he die. The note contained the answer to Zepher’s question that his father had always refused to give: Who his mother was. The letter explained that she was a curious woman, an Elven cleric who worshiped Pelor of all things, but despite there many differences her and his father had fallen deeply in love and had planned to start a family together in Fallcrest. Her name was Shia. Unfortunately shortly after Zepher birth Shia became insistent that her god was calling to her, and despite his fathers pleas she left them both to set forth on her religious journey. This was all the letter explained, as to where she might be now was as much a mystery to his father as Zepher himself.This meant nothing to Zepher so shortly after his fathers death and he remained in Fallcrest for several months in mourning.Eventually however he joined the caravan of performers to explore the land in search of his mother, the only remaining family he has left. He is uncertain how he will feel if he ever happens to find her (and even if he truly wants to)but being accustomed to a life of travel, and having little else to aim for, he decided he could not simply spend the rest of his life sitting around in Fallcrest. Zepher personally has no strong feelings towards Pelor and does not worship the god himself. The only time Zepher has shown any connection to the god was once in a time of great anger, after being given time to think he managed (though barely) to subdue his blood lust and desire for revenge to show some small mercy to a a dying goblin on behalf of his mother and her god. This was partially in response to his parties pleas, particularly Jorn a cleric of Pelor himself.Regardless, Zepher’s opinions of Jorn can be described as strangled at best and he often finds himself switching between respecting the dwarf and loathing him, due to Zepher’s high regard for all those who study healing and Jorn’s endless meddling in his aims of vengeance against Goblin kind.


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