Human rogue on a personal quest to become an elf


Theren, level 3
Human Rogue

STR 14 | CON 11 | DEX 18 | INT 10 | WIS 10 | CHA 14

AC 18 | FORT 14 | REF 18 | WILL 14

HP: 33 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 8

Acrobatics +10
Athletics +8
Bluff +8
Insight +6
Perception +6
Stealth +10
Thievery +10


Gold Chain (100gp)
Moonstone (100g)
Silver Jewlery (10g/each) x 14

GOLD (430)
Starting (40)
Vilma (2.5)
Frogs (120)
Twisting Halls (214)
Unaccounted for (36 noted just before going back to Harken Village)

Leather Armour
Dark Leaf Armour
Hand Crossbow
Short Sword
Fabulous Captain Hat

Spyglass – +2 visual perception (40)
Chieftain Headdress
Compass (10g)
Polly food x 2

Belt pouch
Flint and steel
Rations x 3


Theren was born and raised in a small village around Harkenwold, and was originally named ‘John’. His parents were woodcutters, and consequently they all lived at the edge of Harken Forest. For a time John was content to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a woodcutter, but one day on a foray into the forest he and his father were attacked by a rag-tag bunch of goblins. Before anyone was injured, two elves from the nearby Woodsinger Clan swooped in to save the day with the kind of grace, elegance, and last second good timing one might expect. John, being an impressionable youth, was bewitched by the elves’ fey charms. In his own mind he glorified their battle prowess and good looks far in excess of reality.

The boy hadn’t been overly frightened by the goblin attack, but he had been too inexperienced and clumsy to defend himself. For this reason John decided that he would become an elf – strong, intelligent, wise, charismatic and with a healthy constitution. He often shirked his chores to go on long journeys into the forest, in the hopes of contacting the elves and asking to be accepted into their community. In the village he acted as though he were superior to the ‘humans’ who lived there, and insisted that everyone should call him ‘Theren’, demanding special treatment and consideration, and often misinterpreting events and actions in the most self-centered way possible.

Theren’s mother despaired of bringing up a son who was so self absorbed and useless, while Theren’s father approached the matter with a more stoic frame of mind, and was willing to believe the elf obsession to be the folly of youth. In the hopes of grounding their son in reality, they sent Theren to the Harkenwold Joust with a sack full of money, and instructions to buy a new axe and other tools for his father. Theren promptly pocketed the money with the hopes of sneaking off on his own adventure.

Deep down, Theren knows he is not an elf, and that he can never be an elf. It is as much this pessimistic self doubt that he struggles against as the doubt of those around him. He knows (but denies) that he lacks the positive qualities he attributes to the ‘fairer race’ and seeks to make up for this lacking by either gaining the required qualities, or faking them. Theren reasons that if everyone around him believes him to be an elf, then he will be one, hence his goal in life is to somehow convince everyone of his elf-hood. Having been led to believe that all he has to do to achieve this is look like an elf (because people often say things such as ‘you don’t look like an elf to me?‘) Theren is often confused and frustrated when the mere physical appearance of being an elf turns out to be dissatisfying. It is this inner turmoil that leads Theren to viciously defend himself against those who would call him a human, but he has yet to discover that what he really seeks is to become a good person, rather than the ’elf’ that he so idealises.

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Wish List:

To be an elf
To save Bastian from his pogonophobia
Clear Jorn’s name
Revive Ercullum
Get Swiftblade his lucky sword

His own floating island/boat
Fearsome mount pet Polly


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