(Revived) Jorn

The (revived) Tall Cleric of Light



His true name is a strongly kept secret, as within his religious denomination it is believed someone’s birth name is only for fellow believers. There is also the practical side that his true name must be said in full, and this can take upwards of ten minutes.




Within the Pelor-Of-The-Light denomination his position is actually “Holy Lamplighter who brings light to our ways and banishes doubt from out streets, one that lights the candle of hope in our breasts and warns others of their follies like a mighty lighthouse” but to get the message across he will call himself either a cleric, or a lamplighter.


(City) Dwarf

Preferred Abilities:

Lance of Faith – At Will
A brilliant ray of light sears Jorn’s foe with (the) golden radiance (of Pelor). Sparkles of light linger around the target, guiding his ally’s attacks
A ranged attack (5) that allows 1 ally Jorn can see to gain a +2 power bonus to their next attack roll against the foe.

Healing Strike – Encounter
Divine radiance gleams from Jorn’s weapon. When he smites his enemy, Pelor bestows a minor blessing in the form of healing for Jorn, or one of his allies (in the form of a spectral radiance that travels from the weapon into the person’s body, leaving them feeling invigorated)
A melee attacks that marks the enemy until the end of Jorn’s next turn, and also allows 1 ally (or himself) within 5 squares to spend a healing surge.

Healing Word – Minor – Twice Encounter
Jorn mumbles a brief prayer as divine light washes over Jorn’s target, helping to mend its wounds
The target may use a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6

Channel Divinity: Turn Undead – Encounter
Jorn (glows like a sunrod, but only to the eyes of the undead. It) sears undead foes, pushing them back and rooting them in place.
Close burst (2) that pushes back undead foes 3 squares. The target(s) is immobilized until the end of Jorn’s next turn.

Other Abilities:

Priest’s Shield – At Will
Jorn mumbles a minor defensive prayer as he smacks with his weapon
Jorn and 1 adjacent ally gain a +1 power bonus to AC until the end of Jorn’s next turn

Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune – Free action – Encounter Power
In the face of peril, Jorn holds true to his faith and receives a special boon (causing his sacred lantern to glow fiercely until his next act)
+1 bonus to Jorn’s net attack roll or saving throw before the end of his next turn.

Dwarven Resilience – Minor – Encounter
(Jorn digs deeply into his reserves, remembering his proud brethren who encouraged and inspired him in times gone past)
Jorn uses his Second Wind

Beacon of Hope – Daily
A burst of divine (light is ejected from his holy lantern which) harms his foes and heals his allies. The radiant (light) lingers around Jorn’s (sacred lantern) and improves his healing powers for the rest of the battle. (After this attack the flame of his sacred lantern dwindles down to a mere ember, and one day Jorn worries it might snuff out entirely. As such he only uses it in the most dire of circumstances)
The target is weakened until the end of its next turn, and Jorn & his allies in the burst region (of 3) regain 5 HP. Jorn’s healing powers restore +5 until the end of the encounter.


Magic Item – Floating Lantern(s) – This lantern never needs lighting or refilling. When you let go of the lantern, it continues to hang in the air where you leave it. If weight in excess of 1 pound is applied to the lantern, it falls to the ground.
Mundane – MORE Sunrods, Torches & Candles


Before Jorn’s history can be explained, the society where he came from needs a glance to fully comprehend how he came to be the way he is.

Jorn was born in The Basement, a series of interconnected tunnels, basements, and forgotten areas underneath the trading town of Fallcrest. Fallcrest was once a much larger city, but through one disaster after another the city crumbled down to its contemporary, diminutive size. The current city was built on the remnants of the old, but there were those who preferred to build with, rather than build over the old Fallcrest. A group of dwarves connected old basements, built tunnels, and repaired forgotten sewerage links until they had their own hidden city.

The Basement is a dark place, with no natural light. Spellcasters and merchants are highly valued within the closed society of The Basement, as both occupations bring light to the city through one means or another. Due to the constant encroaching darkness Pelor, in his form of a light-bringer, is commonly praised and considered a top bloke of a god. One of the most sacred roles is to be a ‘lamplighter,’ as they are the ones who maintain, light, and create the thousands of artificial light sources that light the city. The lamplights are therefore a mechanic, a laborer, and a priest all rolled into one. They are respected throughout The Basement, and are often privy to the best gossip and the least poisonous food.

Jorn was raised in a devout family and from a young age was schooled about Pelor-Of-The-Light’s greatness, of how The Basement was an excellent place to live, and how one day if he ate his greens then he might become a servant of Pelor. Jorn was a very wise and dutiful son, so he did exactly as his parents instructed. He even ate broccoli.

Jorn would often help his father, a patrolling guardsman, and the two would wile away the hours by talking of this or that, or by his father constantly quizzing Jorn on obscure trivia and the intricacies of Pelor-Of-The-Light (but unfortunately not on general Pelor knowledge, such as sigils made of gold and gems…). It was on one such excurison that Jorn’s life took a sudden turn for the better. He and his father had been wading through the waterways when they heard a groan, and after tracking the noise down found it was a lamplighter. The woman had been mauled by something or rather (An ‘insect-bear’ or something- Jorn was much more concerned with the person than with what attacked them) and was about to expire. Disregarding the proper protocols for interacting with a sacred lamplighter Jorn rushed over and examined the wound. The female dwarf’s face was ashen, and everyone knew there was no way they could get her back to the medical area in time. Drawing a shallow breath, the lamplighter unhinged her lantern, and handed it to Jorn. She explained as softly as she could how to invoke Pelor, and how to cast the Healing Words that might save her life. It usually took hours of meditation to call down the blessings of Pelor for a novice, but Pelor must have been watching because Jorn accomplished it in under a minute. She was healed enough to move on, and together they moved her back to the hospital.

However, there was a catch. The sacred lantern was sacred for a reason. For a lamplighter to give up their lamp for any reason is to give up their profession. The woman was excommunicated, and became a baker. As Jorn now had a sacred lantern, the church was forced to train him as one of their own. He was a smart student, but due to his terrible mumble and thick, wiry beard meant that only a few people could understand what he was saying. He still chatted to the lady he’d saved, and at times she would take him aside and show him something the rest of the acolytes would note learn for years- such as how to simultaneously hurt those who are evil while healing those that are good, or small blessings to help allies.

After several years Jorn graduated from an acolyte and became a fully-fledged lamplighter. He enjoyed his role, and heartily enjoyed bringing light to his tunnels and basements. After a few years though, it all felt a tad unncessary. There were lots of lamplighters in The Basement. But how many were there in the world? How many places did darkness reign where light should? He brought this question to his leaders, who grumbled amongst themselves. The Basement was a closed society- they didn’t care about the outside world. Here it was safe, and happy, and thriving. Why go elsewhere? Jorn and the leaders debated this, and as the hours dragged on the debate turned into a disagreement, and finally into a shouting match. In a fit of stupidity Jorn cried to the ceiling (as opposed to the heavens),

“May your beards glow alight for all eternity for your mulishness! We should help all, not ourselves!”

Pelor heard the request, and before Jorn could revise his statement the each of the leader’s beards began to glow like a mighty bonfire. They were outraged at Jorn for his curse- how could a sacred lamplighter do such a thing to their superior? Jorn felt really ashamed of what he had done, and was ready for the inevitable excommunication for his deeds. However, a passing acolyte saw the beards and cried out in a loud, stupid voice.

“My holineses! Pelor must shine brightly on you! You are all light-touched!”

The assertion broke the foul mood. The leaders saw their shining beards not as a curse, but as a sign of honor. They quickly proclaimed to the entire Basement their particular sacredness, and Pelor was not excommunicated. In order to make sure he never did anything quite as dangerous again, they granted him leave to bright light to the world.

(Revived) Jorn

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