Dust "Eddy" Poe

Misty halfling revolutionary


Name: Dust Eddy Poe

Gender: Female

Level: 7

Height: Small

Poe has somewhat roughed up features – she has clearly been in more than a few fights in her life, with both her body and face showing it. She has a determined set to her jaw & a ’I’ve seen your type before’ look to her eyes. Her hair is russet-red usually tied in a number of short tails or buns. She wears piecemeal armour taken from slain stair-guards that constantly has dust dripping from it. At times, she drifts across the ground suspended by a minor dusty eddy. In her hand she holds a staff twice her size that resembles a Cloud Snake twined about itself.


Poe had a fairly typical upbringing for a halfling in the Fallcrest. She was poor, frequently homeless, and worked on the docks. Due to their preternatural luck and nimbleness the halflings were the people of choice to man the docks & cliff-pulley system. It was dangerous, paid poorly and competition was often fierce to see who got to do a day’s worth of work, but it got food into her mouth and that’s what mattered. Poe became known for her quick reactions, flexibility & tireless work so she was often amongst the first chosen to work when she showed up.

As she hit adulthood she noticed the change in society. Life had always been bad, but it was getting worse. The charity work was slowing down, the city was no longer offering free accommodation, and even the shop owners were getting more and more frugal. More children were on the street, and tales were spreading of both of opulence of High Town and the dangers outside the city. Nowhere felt safe, so Poe stayed put.

One evening she was in her favoured pub – the Drake’s Tail Inn- when inspiration struck. There was the story of the Stone Maiden – a folk hero who in the far past had saved the world from unspeakable evil. When her work was done,she went into a deep slumber to awaken when she was next needed. In time the Stone Maiden’s body was taken apart to protect parts of the city. In fact, the Drake’s Tail inn had a pair of smooth cheeks that they said were from the Stone Maiden.

She tracked down one part after another, spreading the word the word that the Stone Maiden would wake once again to save the city from its turmoil. Across the next several months she cajoled, bartered and stole the pieces of the Stone Maiden to make her whole once again. She finally had it pieced together, but the statue didn’t stir. Undeterred, she spread her information net wider to find why it might be. Eventually, she heard that a white Chaos Shard could wake her, but the only one was deep, deep below High Town in the forgotten royal crypts.

It was dangerous, and it took her weeks of underground travel in the company of some irritating dwarves, but she eventually found the royal crypts, where The Basement dwarves would not venture. They warned her about Ghost King; an old story about the malevolent spirit of a king who mourns the loss of his life & kingdom so cannot pass on. Poe wasn’t going to turn back now, so she moved in. She did the find white chaos shard that would return the statue of the Stone Maiden back to life, but the king in turn found her. He mourned and wailed and raged all around her, before striking a bargain. Poe was to topple the reigning government and put an Alagondor in power, and in return she would be knighted to work in his stead.

Well, for Poe it was an easy choice. She wanted to leave, and the only way to do that was accept. He wanted to empower her to do what she already wanted to do. It was straightforward; so accept she did. The White King infused her with a fragment of his dark & elemental prowess. He had been an infamous warlock when he lived, controlling wind & demons alike to exert his supreme power. Poe felt herself change – physically, arcanically & mentally. She felt a certain ‘halflingness’ about her leave, replaced by a sick familiarity of the underground, of earth. She became acutely aware of the air, how it stirred and sat, and moreover that some air was alive.

She placed the white shard into the Stone Maiden, who sluggishly awoke. Over the next few weeks Poe discovered she has risked so much, and worked so hard to awake not an omnipotentient folklore hero to quickly resolve the matter, but an ancient lady who knew the answer to every pub-trivia question. It wasn’t a total loss though. Despite the lack of omnipotenance the Stone Maiden – Jaine – proved charming and quick to make friends, and worked alongside Poe to bring down the Eladrin Elite. Jaine became a figure-head for parts of the revolution, particularly amongst the hafling where the Stone Miaden story was received best. Poe, now resplendent in age old armour & weapons from the royal crypts, stands beside Jaine Essy as her right-hand man.

Poe now keeps her agenda secret due to equal parts of shame for submitting herself, fear she will be removed from the revolution and worry the White king might be a wight king. She works with the other rebels to bring the Eladrin elite, but she also looks to place an heir of the “White” King Alagondor on the throne, or if she cannot find one, his spirit. She wears his sigil – a white wind under stars- but rarely talks about it.

Dust "Eddy" Poe

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