Sweeping & Shielding Automation



DTIS’ original name is unknown. He was coined ‘DTIS,’ as a rather funny acronym for something by Erasmus (who rediscovered DTIS). The next day no-one could quite remember what that funny acronym was, but the name stuck.




Cleaner (And teacher)
DTIS’ original purpose in life was to clean. He was created with that goal in mind, and most of his body (built for endurance, ignorance of the weather, and tall & thin to reach hard spots) reflects this.
Since his rediscovery he was taught by a foreign assassin & a verbose sorcerer. The assassin, Bo, emphasised teleportation through the Shadowfell & tactics to harm an enemy. The sorcerer, Erasmus, taught DTIS about the world & how to manipulation the elemental chaos. From their teachings DTIS became an arcane swordsman who aimed to cripple foes & protect his friends.


A forgotten race created thousands of years ago. Many succumbed to battle or maintenance, leaving a precious few in the world.


DTIS stands at 6 foot 5’ – or 190cm. His body is composed to well oiled dark leather, metal, and occasional bands of tar-like substance. His head is cylindrical, and one of his eyes no longer glows golden. He wears a 50 foot silk rope about his neck like a large scarf, and "a jumpsuit with the top tied about his waist. He carries with him broom; his sword which when sheathed doubles as a straw broom.

Preferred Abilities:

Aegis of Shielding
DTIS creates an arcane link in the shape of his lower jaw between himself and an enemy, allowing him to blunt an attack against an ally

Dimensional Warp
DTIS reaches out with arcane power, and two people suddenly wink out & reappear in each other’s place

Booming Blade
A field of sound erupts from his weapon and punishes his enemy if they try to escape. The sound invigorates DTIS, encouraging him to continue on

Frostwind Blade
DTIS slices into an enemy, and a freezing wind from the Elemental Chaos howls from the wound

Other Abilities:

Vanishing Blade
DTIS’ sudden departure after each strike to his foe leaves the enemy casting about to anticipate his next attack. This extreme arcane martial stance leaves DTIS drained after the battle

DTIS cuts into a foe, and links of solid eldritch energy burst from its flesh, binding its bones to the ground. It is an effective tactic, but the attack is a risky one which often puts DTIS into an uncomfortable position


Goblin Stompers His old teacher Bo had a pair of these shoes, and ever since DTIS has wanted them too. They allow you to shift if someone misses him with an attack
Necklace of Keys It was this item that freed DTIS from the attic he was stuck cleaning for eternity. As such, he holds a strong reverence for the item
Voran’s Eternal Chalk DTIS loves to teach, and often needs to use his chalk & slate. He often forgets that children also enjoy chalk & slates, but for an entirely different reason.


DTIS was created many many years ago. An artificer of old made their king a terrible army of warforged to wage war against a different area. This artificer often had to take days off of his work to clean his factory & workshop, as even a single leaf on the floor distracted him too much to work. He was a bit special like that. In the end the artificer created his own personal warforged. It was forged for the eternal war against uncleanliness.

This new warforged was DTIS, who dutifully swept the workshop & factory for every moment of every day. When the war was won, the artificer moved with DTIS to the magical equivalent of an old person’s home, which DTIS dutifully swept. When the artificer passed away, DTIS was locked in an attic when he showed no natural ability to crush people or rip off arms. Since that time he had continued to sweep the attic day after day, month after month & year after year.

That was until a dozen years ago, when Bo the assassin let himself into the “haunted tower” which DTIS resided in. It was said that a mighty undead resided there, and that many adventurers had expired inside the tower. They found the tower bereft of both life and un-life, until they reached the attic, where they found DTIS. Erasmus, always one to get incensed over a cause, at once took up arms against how unfair DTIS’ life had been. He vowed to “free” DTIS of his (cleaning) slavery and make him a “real boy.” Across several years Bo & Erasmus taught DTIS much of what they knew, from how to clean in other ways (like polishing weaponry), to martial arts, to first aid & old folk tales. He also learned the glory of Erathis; the gold of culture & learning.

After several years of teaching they suggested that DTIS stop learning from the armchair & experience the world at large. He knew the theory for many fighting styles & magical attacks, but for whatever reason he was unable to perform them. Erasmus & Bo thought that real world crises may help to unlock DTIS’ potential. DTIS went on several adventures where he learned to teleport both friend & foe. In due time he eventually wound up in Harken Village. He knew from his history lessons that Harkenwold had once been a bastion of civilisation, and so wishes to examine the old culture, and vitalise a new one. DTIS created a number of temporary workshops & schools for all ages, and encouraged many excursions into the surrounding woodlands. It was during these jaunts that he met Zumtleheath. She was a halfling herbalist of amazing beauty & adequate skill who was always happy to talk to DTIS about what she knew. DTIS fell in love with her, though sadly it was unrequited as she married.

This did not deter DTIS sadly, who decided the only way to win her was to spend even more time with her. This escalated finally into a shouting match between her husband & DTIS. DTIS was run out of town by the villagers & told he would not be welcome back. Disappointed & confused, DTIS spent the following 5 years in Harken Forest trying to maintain roads & encourage the growth of edible plants. A passing merchant told him that Fenstrom attacked [[Harken Village] & his one true love was killed. The good news was there were some plucky young adventurer’s off to defeat Fenstrom.

DTIS stopped trying to prune back the forest & took up Broom. He would stop Fenstrom from destroying villages (the tiny bit of civilisation left, no matter how backwater it is) & more importantly avenge his fallen love.


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