Bastian Gale

A mysterious musical man. What lies beneath his cowl?


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Number Crunch-

Abilities: Skills:
Str: 10 Acrobatics: 5
Con: 12 Arcana: 11
Dex: 12 Athletics: 4
Int: 17 Bluff: 10
Wis: 10 Diplomacy: 10
Cha: 18 Dungeoneering: 4
Speed: 6 Endurance: 5
Initiative: 2 Heal: 4
Defenses: History: 11
AC: 16 Insight: 6
Fort: 12 Intimidate: 8
Ref: 15 Nature: 4
Will: 17 (+5 vs Charm) Perception: 6
Senses: Religion: 7
Passive Insight: 16 Stealth: 5
Passive Perception: 16 Streetwise: 8
Low Light Vision Thievery: 5

Feats and Features-

Racial Features:

  • Trance – Meditate for 4 hours instead of sleeping. (Remains aware.)
  • Fey Step
  • Fey Origin

Class Features:

  • Bardic Training – Once per day, can perform bardic ritual without expenditure of components.
  • Virtue of Valour – Grants temp. HP to allies who bloody or kill a foe when within 5 squares.
  • Majestic Word
  • Song of Rest – At end of short rest, any who spend a healing surge add 4 to HP gained.
  • Words of Friendship

Ritual Caster
Jack of all Trades

Common, Elven, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin


Vicious Mockery – Bastian lets loose an invective diatribe of blistering insults upon the target; calling into question the validity of its strength, intelligence, origins, sexual appeal and prowess; causing psychic damage and provoking the target into a blind rage that decreases attack by 2.

Guiding Strike – Bastian attacks with his weapon, and in so doing shows you the perfect place and time to strike, reducing any one defense by 2.

Second Wind – Growing hoarse from trying to inspire his allies’ lazy bones, Bastian stops singing and takes a quick sip of water.

Fey Step – Bastian attunes to his innate magic and nips off to the Feywild, teleporting up to 5 squares.

Majestic Word – Bastian utters a word infused with the essence of the most majestic thing the target can think of. It is different for everyone, and only the target and Bastian can understand it, though all can hear it. Funnily enough, sometimes the word is ‘Cake’. Ally spends healing surge and adds 4HP. Target slides 1 square.

Words of Friendship – Bastian gives a winning smile, full of warmth and good cheer, gaining +5 to his next diplomacy check before the end of his next turn.

Fast Friends – Bastian, through force of personality and quick speech, convinces the target that they are best of friends with him (or an ally), rendering the target unable to attack that character until the end of Bastian’s next turn. Provided no-one betrays this newfound friend…

Slayer’s Song – Singing a vicious dirge infused with the spirit of rage and retribution, Bastian launches himself into the fray. On hit, the target gives combat advantage to Bastian and his allies (save ends). Until the end of the encounter, any enemy that Bastian hits will grant him and his allies combat advantage until the end of his next turn.

Song of Defense – Bastian sings a bolstering ballad, refreshing tired limbs and quickening sluggish minds, adding 1 to the AC of any ally within 5 squares. The area of the song moves with Bastian, and expires at the end of his next turn (minor sustains).


An eladrin bard who burst out of a pile of corpses in Malareth’s lair, wielding longsword, wand and lute. Bastian has long silver hair, glowing orbs of pure blue for eyes, and long pointed ears. Although he tries to keep it out of sight under armour, gloves and Bastian’s Cowl, Bastian has extensive scarring all over his body, in the shape of angular dwarven runescript.

Bastian has not yet confided his past to the party yet, but some things are known:

  • Bastian came to the Twisting Halls in search of the crazed dwarf Morgana, and through her a tattooed dwarf named Karj. Bastian is incredibly intent on finding this dwarf.
  • Bastian has alluded to the fact that he came to the Twisting Halls with another party of adventurers, who did not fare so well as the current one.
  • Bastian has a deadly fear of dwarven healing, which is connected to the Litany of Torog carved on his body. Moreover, he is suspicious about dwarves in general.
  • Bastian greatly dislikes goblins.

Bastian Gale

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