Amos Quickblade

An over-enthusiastic Dual Weapon Ranger who grew up living with a pack of wolves. Because of this, his sense of honour and loyalty to his companions is greater than anyone else's.

While sitting at camp one night, (after the twisting halls and before the second battle of Harkenwold), Amos decides to share the tale of his past and what led him to be in Harkenwold on that fateful day that Herr Cullum was brutally murdered.

“Deep in the forest, south of Harkenwold, my father lived in a very small community of people, only about ten or twenty people living in eight small huts if I remember correctly. This community believed that even Humans could reconnect with nature if they live among it for long enough. The community had existed for about 50 years before my father decided to venture off and become a ‘hero’. He travelled for years all around the Nentir Vale, helping people and slaying beasts in the pursuit of fame and an understanding of this harsh world. He did this until the day he met my mother. They fell in love instantly I’m told. He eventually brought her back to his community in the forest and I was born shortly afterwards.”

It’s at this point that Amos stands up and draws his Scimitars.

“These two blades belonged to my father. And it is because of these two blades that my parents and the community they loved so much are now ashes swept away in the wind. You see, throughout his travels, my father slew many Goblins. Hundreds I’m told, which is something to be proud of. However the Goblins are evil creatures, and evil creatures fuelled by revenge can be incredibly dangerous. One night, around the time I turned one year old, they crept into the clearing of huts we called home and set fire to everything in sight.”

Amos flicks his blades through the coals of the campfire, sending sparks into the air.

“I do not know of any details about the fire as my sources of information fled as soon as they smelled smoke but I do know that two people escaped, a woman and her baby child. Apparently my mother was able to escape with the help of my father however as they got to the edge of the clearing, a Goblin arrow found my father’s neck. He died screaming for my mother to run. Not soon after, my mother tripped over a branch and cracked her skull on a rock. I managed to survive the fall but was now at the mercy of three Goblins which had pursued us.”

Returning his Scimitars to their sheaths, Amos sits back down and stares into the trees.

“I don’t know why he did it, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a wolf leaped in front of me and attacked the Goblins. I was told later that it had been the alpha from a pack, which lived quite close to where my father lived. Apparently after he had finished defeating the Goblins he picked me up and carried me off. I then lived with the wolf pack for the next 18 years. And believe it or not, they provided me with language, a fighting style to be used with two blades, (like claws), and education about the world.”

Amos now realises that the rest of his companions are giving him weird looks.

“What? It’s true. And they understand more about the natural world than most do. Everything I am today, I have my wolf pack to thank for. Anyway, my earliest actual memory is from when I was five. The alpha wolf brought me to the place where my parents died. He told me that his pack had been protecting the site of their deaths every day until I was old enough to make it there myself. The remains of my parents were easily found. It was that day I buried the remains of my childhood. From that day I was treated as one of the pack. I hunted, slept, fought, and lived as a being at one with nature. I wasn’t a fool, I knew I wasn’t a wolf and they knew I was Human. When I was 16 they sent me into Harkenwold to learn more about my own people. I was on one of my ‘field trips’ when I heard there was a tournament on between the best fighters in the land. This was the day we all realised our fates were meant for greater things. Part of me is glad for that day. I’m now closer to my father than I have ever been. And I am part of a team who fights for the benefit of all who live in the Nentir Vale. I thank you for giving me the chance to be part of this adventure.”

Amos Quickblade

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