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Executing Excitable Enemies

Theren's Log

As always Theren’s view of events tends to revolve around his own interactions, and so a more reliable version can be found in the DM log— A tricky rug and chess game

Theren’s Notes: I am writing in the brief interlude between skirmishes to tell you (my dear readers) of what happened after the meeting with Farallax. Yawn is being very distracting so if this entry is confused it is because he has careened into me on his stupid flying disk which he has yet to master. In my opinion he is a dwarf and should never be too far from the dirt, but clearly his hubris knows no bounds.

In any case almost as soon as we went in search of Malareth we stumbled upon a room with a giant rat that smelled like it had climbed out of Farallax’s toilet, and a goblin sniper of dubious ability. There was also a trap which I noticed with my eagle eyes. The fight was on, and it didn’t look good. Sooner than expected the rat had bitten a huge chunk out of the dwarf. Yawn wasn’t looking too well, and while we were preoccupied with the rodent, the goblin ran for a door and called in a bunch of his buddies to help him out. For a while it was looking bad, almost as bad as that rat’s dental hygiene. Soon there were more rats and more goblins, and Amos decided to show up (finally). He got bitten by another of the rats, which was unfortunate because as I said the rats aren’t exactly the cleanest of creatures.

Two of the goblin snipers slipped away, but it was more of a blessing than anything, because I don’t think we could have dealt with much more battle. We took the time to do some healing and I disarmed the trap. The others claim I just set it off (it was a drop trap of some sort) but of course they don’t know about these things like I do.

Sensing that the goblin snipers were still in the area, I decided to lure them out by pretending I couldn’t see them, so I took the initiative to investigate a nearby statue. Well the sword of the statue (and the hands – still attached to the sword) just sort of… came off when I touched them. It’s not like I was trying to desecrate the Twisting Halls, and I didn’t bring any strong glue or whatever with me so I decided to hang onto them. I thought they might come in handy… in fact I should thank that statue for lending a hand and being so disarming. Well you know what they say? A sword in the hand is worth two on a statue. I guess you could say I got a five finger discount. It’s a shame I didn’t get an army as well as a handy. Anyway, enough of this wit! I do not want to baffle you with my brilliant turn of phrase after-all. Where was I? Oh yes! My inspection of the statue proved to be all that was required to draw the snipers out of hiding, as I knew it would be, and they were shortly dispatched by my team mates (I didn’t bother with them myself because goblins are so insignificant).

Well since then Kat still hasn’t turned up and I am worried that Amos left her with Vilma, even though she is an elf and can therefore take care of herself. Yawn remembered some stupid spell and now everyone is so impressed because he’s hovering a foot off the ground. PAH. They will soon grow tired of his parlour tricks. For the time being, however, it is convenient to let him carry my new stone sword (+hands) for it is mighty heavy. In a moment we will carry on without Kat, but I think this may be unwise. He also read out some strange message that was hidden behind the statue, but claimed there was no end to it. I think he just couldn’t read the end, but it hardly sounded important – just some mad woman or some such.


Another excellent entry! But after that statue theft description, I think I have been punned into submission.

Executing Excitable Enemies

haha if only Theren could have pun based attacks – then you’d see some real damage =P

Executing Excitable Enemies

Heh, well if Theren fires off a good one in combat or a skill challenge, I’d probably give a +1 to the roll as the opponent is reeling from your wit!

Executing Excitable Enemies

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