RPG@QUT Matt's D&D

DM log-- Gloomwrought 6

The dark portal again appeared. Brad fell out of it, covered with sucker marks. The black tentacle he had been wrestling seemed to feel around for its intended target and grabbed Bastian. {Aerro was missing and Kat returned.}

Our heroes continued deeper into Nemeia’s tomb. A corridor sloped sharply down and a breath of icy air wafted up from the darkness. On the wall was written something in Malik’s handwriting: “Zepher, use Prismatic Burst!” This was written in expensive inks of the kind used to write scrolls, and a lot of time had been put into it, but it was not magical or a kind of scroll. It seemed to just be a message that was written with an unnecessary amount of neatness and care. Zepher felt a surge of emotion to know his father was here, and expecting Zepher to have followed him into these depths.

Zepher had been feeling dangerously reckless since he awoke that morning {he had a Shadowfell card that made him so}, so in a moment of abandon he leapt onto the sloping corridor and slid into the cold darkness. Inspired, the naturally reckless Amos and Brad followed suit. {Give 1 Plot Point to Zepher, Amos, and Brad for this self-inflicted complication, in the name of role-playing.} They, and soon the rest of the party, found themselves battling a corridor full of undead, who drew power from a nasty symbol of Zehir painted onto the stone with blood. Blazing skeletons and chillborn zombies combined their hot and cold auras to devastating effect. However, the clever party pushed them close together so the foes hurt each other with their mere presence. It was a damaging battle but our heroes prevailed. They erased the snake sigil, managed to navigate and disarm a tricky trap that made the floor very slippery, and went deeper into the tomb.

{For the foes and trap, give 1550XP, divided by the 4 combatants for 388 XP each.}



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