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DM log-- Fallcrest 3-1

Soon our heroes realised that things in Fallcrest were bad indeed. Particularly disorienting is that a lot of time had passed in the natural world. It was now 14 Sunsebb, about 30 days after leaving Fallcrest (see timeline). They gathered amid the chaos that a rise in taxes to 90%, even greater decadence by the eladrin of Hightown, and a series of gruesome murders (see Fallcrest murders) in Lowtown had brought the town to the brink of revolt. This revolt was now in full swing.

Our heroes despaired of seeing Theren and DTIS anytime soon; the ship had vanished with no sign of return. Heading into the fray, they soon met de facto leaders of the uprising: a halfling named Poe who had recently re-animated a long-lost icon of Fallcrest’s fortitude, Jaine, a woman made of living stone. {These being Scott and Rachael’s new characters}

Together they went to a scene that needed leadership: a number of town guards, many of whom were posted at the now-collapsed Great Stairway, had taken refuge in Sandercot Provisioners, a large store. There they had taken hostages and demanded safe passage out of the city, since the rabble was calling for the death of every town guard in the service of the eladrin elite. The rabble was especially agitated because of the recent massacre at the Drake’s Tail, to which town guards were accomplices. The heroes tried to negotiate with a human guard named Dale, who led the hostage-takers, but this irascible man wanted nothing less than clear and open passage, which was impossible—dozens of angry townspeople were calling for blood. So they went off to investigate at the Drake’s Tail in hopes of finding some way to placate the crowd, or at least narrow down the targets of their rage.

Unfortunately the inn was behind a newly erected fortification. The dwarves who ran the docks at Fallcrest had quickly put up barriers to block off the part of town which contained the ruin of the portage lift and many shipments backed up waiting for the lift to take trade northward. Knowing the town was soon going to plunge into privation, the dwarves selfishly hoarded most of the provisions in this way for themselves. A few townspeople were lying dead with dwarven arrows in their bodies outside the wall of crates and carts blocking the streets. Our heroes tried to negotiate to no avail, then raided the fortification. They realised how much more powerful they had become since they last got into a conflict in Fallcrest: they swept through their foes like a hot knife through butter. They knocked out the dwarves instead of killing them, and soon had a rout. The halfling guttersnipes, members of the River Rats gang, who were helping out the dwarves, quickly changed sides. One of the urchins, Billy, recognised Zepher as the man who had paid gold coin to another Rat to buy protection many days ago. With another coin, the kid became a fast ally and spread the word to the other River Rats to stop helping the dwarves.

{Give everyone standard 250 XP each for good adventuring with unthreatening combat.}



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